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A good team makes a good product

Knowledge, creativity, entrepreneurship

A successful software company makes a successful team, because we are trying to maintain energy and enthusiasm of our employees to a high level.


Our team

Svetislav Stanikić / Director /

Director of "Magic Line", providing complete marketing service, established another firm with his partner "Magic Line Software".


Aleksandar Milosavljevic / Co-founder / Project Manager

After almost 10 years in the IT sector, he decided it was time to share their knowledge and experience use to run their businesses. So that together with his business partner established company Magic Line Software.

It has the most experience in developing business web applications and mobile applications. His specialty is ASP.NET technology.


Vladimir Puric / Designer / GUI designer / Web designer

Affinity for art, drawing and painting began to show at the end of primary school. He studied in many painters' studios. He graduated from the Academy of Arts, Department of Graphic Design. I went to the Art Colony. He had exhibitions in the field of design, photography and painting. Professionally, he worked in a photo shop, printing, software companies and as a freelancer.

He was an activist in the struggle for human rights. Privately, he worked for many years with folklore, coached swimming and archery. ... and more, but he prefers to describe himself with works, not with a story.


Miloš Joksić / Developer /